Thursday, April 16, 2009

blue Moon

After a short journey by local train, crossing Donau I arrived home. My street is known after the beautiful mohnblumen trees that line my locality. My house has trees in the garden, an exotic palm, and bunch of bamboos that I planted and with good care nurtured them that they are now tall and their beautiful knife-leaves sway and sing in the wind, making me feel that I am in exotic Oriental landscape. Creepers climb the boundary wall in ecstasy, and flower with ethereal fragrance in the season. In the centre is a small natural pond where fishes play. Now in the spring May flowers bloom as they do in the forests near my house.
From a tall old oak tree trunk I shaped a large table. On this table surrounded by the chirping birds, nectar greedy butterflies and fragrant wind I have my dinner. My friends also like to stay out in the garden and enjoy coffee, and good Austrian wines from warm south and chat long hours in the night. When I walk out of the house, in ten minutes I am in the neighbourhood of small hills, which emit fine fragrance of the woods. I enjoy walking up the hills talking to the trees and plants the way I did as a child in Styria. My joys in life are many, but one I treasure more is to watch the sun depart in its crimson glow behind the hills to rest after long day's work.
Journey of an Artist

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rajsthan-A magical landscape

Whispers soft and sweet as the sun departed in the remote endless expanse of Rajasthan. I captured the music as i travelled with my two artist friends.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Face in light n Wind

Artist Viktor Vijay
Acrylic on canvas
size 66"X60"

Two is not a duality always. Two is togetherness too. Like flowers and their fragrance, sky and earth, wind and water, body and soul, man and woman, love and sharing, sleep and awakening,, action and rest, song and music, humans and the environment etc.
This painting is inspired by such feelings. There are two faces into sieve-light creating a musical cadence of Nature. We are happy to share to hold hands to sing together and to live together.