Monday, February 28, 2011

Mona Lisa

Contemporary lead artist Georg Brandner Styria Austria releasing Viktor Vijay's book Mona Lisa does not smile anymore in the presence of Sdn Manmohan Chadha and Sdr Baljit S. Chadha on 9th Feb. 2011 at Visual Art Gallery.
My article Mona Lisa does not smile anymore based on my book with the same name. I am asked where is Mona Lisa in there? Well as I say in the article that art does not seek the truth of Mona Lisa it seeks belief in the myth that has grown around Mona Lisa--not the painting but who was Mona Lisa and what is the Mona Lisa smile. The scientific, the logical, rational attempts to find the real Mona Lisa or the physical reality of Mona Lisa smile are but redundant futility. for who cares whether it was Leonardo da Vinci himself Mona Lisa or a man disguised as woman. But what would you say when one myth transforms into another myth? The Da Vinci Code book by Dan Brown has created a double myth--the myth behind the mythic Mona Lisa!!! When you read my book you have a greater exploration of the myth-making in the art and culture by a society.

Steiermark meets Contemporary modern Indian art in Viktor Vijay's solo Exhibition in Delhi

There is a beautiful fairy land Steiermark called Styria in English in Austria Europe. There I had arrived three decades earlier as a stranger and a struggling artist. I arrived in the town called Graz the capital of Steiermark and second largest city in Austria. You will learn more about this lovely land from my forthcoming second book Journey of an Artist that I am working on and have invitation from Georg to live in countryside in Steiermark next summer to work on it. I lived a long time in the country side and learnt poetic joys of landscape from Steiermark--the best for my soul and art and creativity. My series of paper work paintings in Austria called Landscapes of Europe I exhibited few years back at Gallery Studio Vasant Delhi. I would later meet this jewel of an artist Georg Brandner who lives for art and art lives for him. What an artist in Austria!! When he paints he sees none, every thing becomes transparent non-real for him other than his canvas colours, music and his soul!! My love for Austria is also in the art of Egone Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Kokochka et al in Vienna Secession, Belvedere and other museums. In Belvedre Museum Vienna I used to admire the portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer which later I saw housed in Neu Galerie New York--a purchase gifted to the Museum by Ronald Lauder. I must talk about Austrian modern art sometime in future.
So you see here Georg Brandner the abstract lead artist of Steiermark lighting lamp to inaugurate my exhibition on 9th Feb. 2011 at Visual Art gallery Delhi.
Three cheers for Styria Austria and India and to Georg for flying down to Delhi for a friend. I must also mention Nora another serious contemporary artist from Romania to kindly come over for my exhibition CHANCON Art.
For this new exhibition CHANCON or Chance Consciousness Art-that I rate as a new development in contemporary art of India- I requested him to come over to India and he did not say no!!

CHANCON--solo ehibition Viktor Vijay at Visual Art Gallery Habitat centre Delhi India

It is never a small joy to welcome friends like Uma Ravi Jain and the lustrous son and Director of Dhoomimal Gallery Sh. Uday Jain who was born and grew up surrounded by greatest of Indian art and artists of India. For I had learnt a lot in my boyhood visits to Dhoomimal Gallery under the tutelage and leadership of Late Sh. Ravi Jain.
I am happy to have a gallery relation with the oldest but freshest art gallery Dhoomimal Gallery. Welcome my friends.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Modern Indian Contemporary art and artists-TRUTH and LIES

Thou art the Buddha, the Light within, the beast in me sublimates when the door within opens

Mahatma Gandhi painting Viktor Vijay

Black MONA LISA painting Viktor Vijay

Unlettered in art regard contemporary art synonymous with modern. Contemporary art may churn out big shit and rich money bags may just create a big priced-art market for artists with vehement impotency of creativity writ large on their canvases. But in contemporary art market big brand value can be created if a Mukesh Ambani or his sibling Anil, a Lakshmi Mittal a Ratan Tata, or a celebrity Shah Rukh Khan pick up the work of an artist with no connection with his own creative soul but is well connected to the marketing, media, celebrity market. Understand once the artist breaks in the 'money circle' he is able to manipulate easily the 'free market' greed and economics. You will not find a rich Ambani inviting a badraggelled but creative artist, rather it should be one who has 'arrived' in the 'market top bracket'. Each epoch in art prides being path-breaking modern artistic and visionary. But you have to sieve the mediocrity riding on market savvy, networking 'artists' who remain afloat and visible but are flotsam of art and India is no exception to this at present.
But alas all contemporary--including shit art and artists will vanish soon to be replaced by yet another of the same breed. this replacement is happening regularly in India now. Andy Warhol's take on 5 minute media made famous artists is true all the more today. You must struggle to find food and canvases and colours and brushes and paint on and if you have genes related to Vincent Van Gogh, your art will be appreciated after you are dead and buried at least 50 years.
So understand contemporary is always a lot of shit because it can put horse-blinkers on those who have the money but no time for serious art. Steel king Solomon R. Guggenheim had German artist Hilla Rebay as his art adviser and she helped him to collect then unknown but now landmark of modern contemporary visionary art of Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Rudolf Bauer etc. She helped him to acquire Picasso, March Chagall Fernand Ledger Modigliani and others. Rebay did had a visionary understanding of emerging serious art and she saw what others with horse-blinkers could not see.
The story of legendary artists ignored by 'fashionable' art market is true of Francis Bacon the British artist of extraordinary vision. At one time under penury he was willing to paint for a gallery for food and art materials. Out of the anguish he destroyed many landmark works then. He used to say my works belong to the greatest museums or to garbage can!!Thank God there were some good market filters that could find the visionary in this modern contemporary artist.
So do not be taken in by 'celebrity artist', an artist is a modest searcher for the truth that hides in his Chance visions and he does not have time to be at hand-shaking nearness to editors of art magazines, directors of electronic media companies or the famous film stars, politicians, and rich industrialists. the amount of media plants is so great that whatever way one googled for Indian art (images) an artist couple would be in the same place in neighbouring slots photographed by a celebrity photographer, and the creditable blog host who in all likelihood ensured that the search engines covered them together. Oh it is more like if you have the money you can activate the machinery to build a lie around you that you are one great artist. Find umpteen artists' web sites selling themselves as 'great, famous, legendary, well-known, exceptional, leading, path-breaking' artists. Sell yourself like a Wall-Mart Retail if you want to be a contemporary 'great' artist and then go unsung under earth in 63.7 years--the average life expectancy of an Indian in2008; or you can live to create and not carve a fragile pedestal. Are we artists in a business or art is our business??
Well the story is more behind the scenes. Be a Van Gogh tomorrow rather than a false Messiah today!! in Indian and global art and it has no RTI to make transparent the 'Myth and Market' building for artists who are mediocre if I say it with modesty.

Read about Indian art Market


Viktor-vijay-art-contemporary Indian artist Viktor Vijay

Viktor-vijay-art-contemporary Indian artist Viktor Vijay''

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Indian art--Release of book n Exhibition CHANCON by Viktor Vijay


Can u find me? Sdr. Baljit S. Chadha n Viktor Vijay

Georg Brandner and Nora with artist Kishore at the opening of Viktor's exbtn.

Habitat Centre Visual arty Gallery Feb 9th 2011. Exbtn opened by Georg Brandner leading artist from Austria Styria and friend Nora Romania.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Find my writings on Art at Sothebys and Ohio university

Search for Man by Viktor Vijay acrylic on canvas, 58"X78", 2010
Artist Viktor Vijay Delhi on Ohio university web and on Sothebys contemporary

You may find my articles on Ohio university Akron college web site and on Sothebys Contemporary web sites

happy steering in joys of fine art.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mona Lisa does not smile anymore

Black Mona Lisa by Viktor Vijay
Contemporary Indian art has lost its rudders on account of the long period of Colonial subjugation. it is not a dilemma but indecisiveness that is the curse of contemporary Indian art.

Mona Lisa does not smile anymore

Excerpts from the book by Viktor Vijay Kumar (ISBN 9788184655124)

West judged its art and culture to be many notches higher than what India had been creating with a highly humane philosophy from the ocean of its many religions, namely Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism and a brand of Sufi Islam specific to India. The art India produced was higher in its sublimated humanity—all humanity into God whereas West treated other cultures as the refuse humanity. To understand Indian culture with Grecian glasses will never reveal the exquisite humanity that underlies Indian art, culture and religions. The context of Indian art over many millennia is the human ascending to spiritual and spiritual ascending to human; there is no descent either of human or of the spiritual.

Art and morality are linked as spiritual discourse of humanity and the creative vision. The melancholia, the nostalgia for the Greek and Latin past, the perfection and proportion, the perspective to imitate the apparent, the celebration of the carnal in place of the spiritual are the underlying currents of so called Renaissance; body as a machine not human as evolution of the spiritual. The regeneration of interest in Latin and Greek literature and philosophy froze the minds of people in the non-existent past. It was period of incongruity—search for glory in the celebration of the Human in Grecian ideal while enslaving humanity from other civilizations. How did the people reconcile the great position of a resurgent humanity in Europe with oppression of other races and civilizations? They reconciled this guilt by using the Church and the religion as a justification.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chance -Consciousness Art--solo exhibition paintings Viktor Vijay

My friend Georg Brandner fron Steiermark Austria flew down to Delhi and opened my exhibition. What great bonds we share as artists. Still i missed my friend and President European Artists Association Ms.Karola Teschler, whose inspiring leadership has made global art art come closer. Gerog Brandner as an honoured member of the European Artists Association was here to open my exhibtion is a reson for great joy for me.

What matter you crafted Man with ,O God!

The demons rage and the angels smile

Title: Search for Man Year: 2010, Size: 58"X78" Medium:Acrylic on canvas

What I see is not what is

Then what shall I create with my paint brush?

A form, a feeling, a presence, a negation, time, or its annihilation?

A form limits, a feeling is transient, a presence and its negation is but an illusion,

Time they say is circular so I catch not its strands

--Viktor Vijay

I have been long thinking of a book alongside my present exhibition in Visual Art Gallery Habitat Centre Delhi India. Why not to talk of the philosophy and the personal journey in creating my art? While curators, and critics have there job cut out, why not to tell art lovers and people related to art what happens when i think, travel, feel, love and live myriad moods to my painting and creation. I went ahead--as I painted and took breaks I took my lap top and wrote--wrote in the moment fresh from the streaking, flowing colours on the canvas; colours searching their own joys on the surface. Awakening inner consciousness and throwing in the dice of 'Chance' on the canvas I arrive to artistic expression.
Well it is never too bad to travel alone and to keep the company of the void and absences in creating bereft of the outer shell of thoughts and appearances.
This what i do in my art. You have here one of my works from the ongoing exhibition at Jagdev Farm at Ghitorni New Delhi till 28th Feb 2011.

Monday, February 7, 2011

CHANCON Chance-Consciousness Art new direction in art

I hold a solo exhibtion of my paintings from 9th to 12 Feb at Visual art Gallery Delhi. on this occassion I also release my newest written book on art called Mona Lisa does not smile any more.