Monday, February 28, 2011

Steiermark meets Contemporary modern Indian art in Viktor Vijay's solo Exhibition in Delhi

There is a beautiful fairy land Steiermark called Styria in English in Austria Europe. There I had arrived three decades earlier as a stranger and a struggling artist. I arrived in the town called Graz the capital of Steiermark and second largest city in Austria. You will learn more about this lovely land from my forthcoming second book Journey of an Artist that I am working on and have invitation from Georg to live in countryside in Steiermark next summer to work on it. I lived a long time in the country side and learnt poetic joys of landscape from Steiermark--the best for my soul and art and creativity. My series of paper work paintings in Austria called Landscapes of Europe I exhibited few years back at Gallery Studio Vasant Delhi. I would later meet this jewel of an artist Georg Brandner who lives for art and art lives for him. What an artist in Austria!! When he paints he sees none, every thing becomes transparent non-real for him other than his canvas colours, music and his soul!! My love for Austria is also in the art of Egone Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Kokochka et al in Vienna Secession, Belvedere and other museums. In Belvedre Museum Vienna I used to admire the portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer which later I saw housed in Neu Galerie New York--a purchase gifted to the Museum by Ronald Lauder. I must talk about Austrian modern art sometime in future.
So you see here Georg Brandner the abstract lead artist of Steiermark lighting lamp to inaugurate my exhibition on 9th Feb. 2011 at Visual Art gallery Delhi.
Three cheers for Styria Austria and India and to Georg for flying down to Delhi for a friend. I must also mention Nora another serious contemporary artist from Romania to kindly come over for my exhibition CHANCON Art.
For this new exhibition CHANCON or Chance Consciousness Art-that I rate as a new development in contemporary art of India- I requested him to come over to India and he did not say no!!


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  2. Thank You John for your communication. I will always be happy to share what I profess to know.