Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chance -Consciousness Art--solo exhibition paintings Viktor Vijay

My friend Georg Brandner fron Steiermark Austria flew down to Delhi and opened my exhibition. What great bonds we share as artists. Still i missed my friend and President European Artists Association Ms.Karola Teschler, whose inspiring leadership has made global art art come closer. Gerog Brandner as an honoured member of the European Artists Association was here to open my exhibtion is a reson for great joy for me.

What matter you crafted Man with ,O God!

The demons rage and the angels smile

Title: Search for Man Year: 2010, Size: 58"X78" Medium:Acrylic on canvas

What I see is not what is

Then what shall I create with my paint brush?

A form, a feeling, a presence, a negation, time, or its annihilation?

A form limits, a feeling is transient, a presence and its negation is but an illusion,

Time they say is circular so I catch not its strands

--Viktor Vijay

I have been long thinking of a book alongside my present exhibition in Visual Art Gallery Habitat Centre Delhi India. Why not to talk of the philosophy and the personal journey in creating my art? While curators, and critics have there job cut out, why not to tell art lovers and people related to art what happens when i think, travel, feel, love and live myriad moods to my painting and creation. I went ahead--as I painted and took breaks I took my lap top and wrote--wrote in the moment fresh from the streaking, flowing colours on the canvas; colours searching their own joys on the surface. Awakening inner consciousness and throwing in the dice of 'Chance' on the canvas I arrive to artistic expression.
Well it is never too bad to travel alone and to keep the company of the void and absences in creating bereft of the outer shell of thoughts and appearances.
This what i do in my art. You have here one of my works from the ongoing exhibition at Jagdev Farm at Ghitorni New Delhi till 28th Feb 2011.

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