Sunday, March 20, 2011

India crest of civilizations and leading economic superpower

Today like other days I woke up late and I ran through newspapers with my mandatory two cups of tea. Being  Sunday there are more serious writings to go through. As I shuffled pages of The Times of India to main Sunday articles I saw Minhaz Merchant's four-book review. The first book deals with West and its professed self-delusion of  grandeur and superiority vis-a-vis the rest of the world. The book written by Niall Ferguason is appropriately arrogantly called 'Civilization: The West and the Rest'.  I will juxtapose Merchant's unbiased analysis in a while, but let me give you what I have to say on West in a single but similar sentence  "Renaissance West butchered the Rest"
(Page 93 Mona Lisa does not smile anymore -the story of fake Humanism of 'Reanaissance' Europe in relation to arts of India). Merchant counters (Page 19 Title: What's the Big Idea Sunday Times of India 20th March 2011) Ferguason's Western superiority through "science,medicine,consumerism, competition, property rights and work ethics" with the real causes known to all of us as the profits of blood and tears of "The Rest" from  slavery, colonization, indentured labour, bringing diseases and deceipt from Europe to decimate the body and the spirit, art and culture, society and civilizations, intellect and wisdom, philosophy and spirituality. How people suffer from the racial grandeur of West is still beyond understanding. More than 30 millions killed by British-manufactured famines in India do not make for the glory of 'medicine' as the cause of West's upstart upstaging the Rest. About competition, British factory cloth was forced on Indians and killed millions of weavers through unemployment, the colonists forced the farmers in Malwa central India with very fertile grains and cotton growing black soil to cultivate poppy and forced  at the point of barrel of gun  the  Chinese to legalize the opium imports from  British colony India. What colonialism did to art and culture of India I have discussed in great detail in my book.  "The Mughals rejuvenated arts and culture of India while Portuguese excelled in conversions, Inquisition and atrocities on Hindu, Muslim and Jew populace." 
(page 159 from Mona Lisa ...)
It is not very surprising the kind of propagandist writings keep emerging from accolytes of West, but I have predicted in my book the new emerging horizons under a fresh sun and it is The Rest and not the West that will shine the brightest. 
Thank You Minhaz Merchant for removing the wool from the eyes of those who put wool on their own eyes in the first place.

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