Monday, March 21, 2011

Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art decides to cover the art of 1.25 billion people of India---thank You Noah Becker

Victor Vijay 21 March at 10:16
Thank u Noah. But u know as well a I that two swallows do not make the summer. Change and be inclusive if u want to be really
"magazine of contemporary art'. Set up infrastructure in India like you have in Europe to explore what new distances Indian art is measuring with its ancient walking feet.
Viktor Vijay
Noah Becker 21 March at 10:28 Report
thanks Victor we would need a few months to do that and also a bigger budget.
Victor Vijay 21 March at 12:14
Noah Becker your brief missive delights to no end, not me but India and many more!!
Those who float free in ether become the universe!! I appreciate your world view on art and wish a new dawn for Whitehot Magazine.
I am sure you will create an inclusive world of art, culture, socially-shared-spaces. In doing so your Whitehot Magazine will be first in the world to do it, others may emulate you in creating a United Nation of Art n Culture
Black Mona Lisa thanks U ,
regards and kudos for ur project,

Viktor Vijay

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  1. Understanding art in its totality is almost an impossible task for a human being. There are over 3,600 terms in art to be understood. And these are not definitive in nature. Art is when you are free to redefine these.

    Damian Hirst